!&#* is the word of the day

What was a blissfully easy day yesterday, turned into a full blown disaster today. It all started with breakfast, and a smoothie the consistency of a snow cone.  I had the bright idea of throwing frozen watermelon, frozen banana, and frozen blueberries into a blender expecting a smoothie and then realized that I basically had just created 3 flavors of crushed ice. I then had the even more brilliant idea of tossing in coconut milk. What resulted was a coconut/watermelon/banana/blueberry frosty. After 4 bites and a brain freeze I gave up and ate a leftover vegan blueberry muffin.


When lunch rolled around I made a bean dip that came out so dry I was grateful there wasn’t any leftover sour cream in the house or I might have caved.

With two disasters down, I turned my focus towards dinner and managed to successfully complete a vegan pot pie. It wasn’t pretty, and I hand made everything including the biscuit on top, but it was edible. The weirdest part? Trying to convince myself that cashews could actually create a cream sauce. My mind was blown and either it tasted like pot pie, or after 3 days I’m starving and have started to hallucinate.


About an hour after dinner it was time to head out to a nearby green-way to start Couch to 5K. I had been dreading this for 3 days and by the time we got there and got started, I was getting physically sick to my stomach as the little Siri voice counted down the warm-up. After 5 minutes, it was time to run. At first all I could feel was my ass bouncing and I had a fleeting thought of, “Oh, so this is how the weight will peel off. It will just jiggle its way out.” After a minute, I was a little out of breath but otherwise unscathed. This went on for 15 minutes, walk, run, walk, run, walk, run. By the halfway point I was audibly cursing and my kids were laughing. Gman and the boys were way ahead of me, but I had more endurance and noticed I could maintain a run for longer periods, albeit slower. With 6 minutes left in the workout, I felt like some mafia boss had taken a steel beam and broken my legs. At the point where I thought I could not survive anymore, the little phone voice yelled in an excited tone, “COOL DOWN!” I would have collapsed on the ground in sheer relief but my muscles were acting on memory and propelled me forward. Once we got home, Gman grabbed a heating pad and I sank into the bath. After what seemed like ages, he mentioned that I must be enjoying it since I had been in there so long, and I lied that yes, the bath was amazing. In reality, I couldn’t actually move to get out of the tub.

So today was a !%#* kind of day, but I’m not starving and not dying, so I’ll just take it one awesome and then horrible day at a time.


One comment

  1. 3 days and you’re already making me happy that I have genetic disorder that’s keeping me skinny.

    I would survive the run but not the diet.


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