Day 25, or something like that…

Three weeks in on a 99% vegan diet. I’ve gotten surprisingly good at it which is weird. I thought I’d be trying to sneak glasses of chocolate milk or cut up a block of cheese to dip in peanut butter by now. Turns out, soy chocolate milk is amazeballs and peanut butter tastes awesome on toast with raisins on top. It’s like my own version of ants on a log, because let’s face it, celery is gross.

What am I eating?

I generally eat fruit for breakfast which works perfectly for me because I never have any time. Grabbing a banana, a few apples, or some berries while heading out the door to work is insanely easier than having to wait for frozen waffles to get crispy enough for me to consider done (pop them twice!) only to then slather peanut butter on top. Lunch is usually left overs or anything Mexican or bean and guacamole related. The farmers market downtown has a vendor with amazing vegan tamales on Wednesdays so that has become my new thing. Dinner is a wide array of awesome vegan foods from lentil “meat” loaf, walnut tacos, and tofu and cashew-cheese stuffed pasta shells, to plantain taquitos and veggie burgers. We are constantly trying out new dishes and then we force them on our friends.


I get full extremely fast. After about 10 days, my stomach decided it would get on board and now enjoys very much its ability to shut me down. I finally just put up the dinner plates and started using desert plates for food.

My grocery bill has gone down. Planning ahead and doing 95% of our shopping at Trader Joe’s or local farmers markets has seen a big decrease in our weekly grocery bills. This has somehow segued into us planting our own garden. Knowing absolutely nothing about how to grow anything, we now own a little army of corn, sweet potatoes, peppers, onions, leeks, tomatoes, spinach, leaf lettuce, carrots, zuchini, squash, watermelon, pumpkin, and herbs. Go big or go home, right? They might make it to the summer.


Probably the biggest accomplishment of the last 25 days is that I can now run for 3 minutes without stopping. Before you roll your eyes, let me tell you how hard it was to go from running 30 seconds without stopping to three minutes. It took three weeks of interval torture. Next week we go to 5 minutes and I already want to throw up thinking about it.


6lbs. Not the 10lbs I was hoping for, but I’ve learned something humbling these last 25 days. If 6lbs down is all it takes to be able to run 3 minute increments, jog up 6 flights of stairs without having a near asthma attack, and to convince me into an anger run after a stressful day at work, then the next 44lbs are just going to make it easier. Day 25 and counting…





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