Couch to 5K

How not to spend two weeks…

I have a confession to make. While I have maintained a 95% vegan lifestyle since the start of this whole Kale eating thing (just kidding, I’ve not had Kale in a month), I have not done Couch to 5K in two weeks. TWO WEEKS.

My excuse? My 33-year-old husband has been referred to a neurologist for an issue with his brain and the stress level at my job has reached epic, horrible proportions.

This morning G and I forced ourselves to get out and get a run in and it was miserable. Two weeks of not running and then jumping right back into the groove? I nearly threw up all over the green-way.

I learned a valuable lesson as I was doubled over in the heat, my lungs burning, sweat running into my eyes, and my stomach threatening to spill its meager morning contents all over the pavement.

Exercise is important no matter what is going on.

Unless my legs are broken, I need to run. Unless I am dying from pneumonia, I need to run. Unless there is a lightning storm every single day in a single week, I need to run.

This morning, I ran. I didn’t want to. I complained the whole way there, and had a miserable attitude about it, but I did it.

It’s been 8 hours and I still feel less stressed, less hungry, and generally less angry than I’ve felt the last 14 days.

The moral of this story?

Run on.