2 Steps Forward, 6 Months Back

Six months ago, my husband and I were on a journey to get healthy. We had plans, and charts, and shopping lists. We had apps, and schedules, and I had this blog which was still in its infancy. We joked about Kale, and were eating mostly vegan, all the while laughing about how crazy we used to eat. We were on a great path until six months ago when my husband got really sick.

We spent 4 months going to doctors trying to figure out what was wrong. We stopped cooking, we started eating out all of the time, and working out took a backseat to a string of doctors visits and medications. I worked full-time while my husband home schooled our two kids from bed. I was terrified and exhausted and doing whatever it took just to get our family through the days, weeks, and months that followed.

Our bank account was bleeding money and I was bleeding willpower. Every pound we had worked so hard to shed, jumped back on for the ride.

In November, my husband was healthy again and when seeing his new doctor she told him very bluntly, “You’re fat.” It sounds really awful, but it wasn’t. She wasn’t saying it to be mean or condescending. She was saying it because he honestly needed to hear it. Hell, I needed to hear it. He’d just spent 6 months incredibly ill and had he been a healthy weight, that 6 months might have been easier on his body. That night we went home with new found determination and a sense of what we needed to do.

We put away the apps and joined the YMCA. I loved Couch to 5K and perhaps in the future I will do it again, but what I needed was accountability; the kind that comes with having to get in the car and go work out in front of people. He needed it too. I even took it a step further and joined Zumba. Now I was in a class where the instructor would know if I missed a day and could harass me until I provided a damn good reason for it. After awhile, other classmates would notice who was absent too. Joining Zumba was the best decision I ever could have made in regards to my health.

Have you ever tried to dance hip hop after eating french fries or a chicken quesarito? I have and never will again. Zumba is not just a workout, it’s a built in “don’t eat Sh*t” detector. You will throw up faster than Pitbul can scream, “DalEHY!”

The coolest thing? My husband joined Zumba too after realizing what an amazing calorie burn it provides.

It’s been 6 weeks since we joined the YMCA and in those 6 weeks, we’ve each lost 12lbs of our 100lb goal.

I’m writing this post because honestly? Life happens. I could angrily dwell on how it’s been 6 months since my last update and how the 12lbs I’ve lost really don’t matter because I’m still heavier than I was 6 months ago, but that would be stupid. 12lbs is a small victory and even small victories are victories.

So here’s to me updating more often, and staying accountable 🙂

Also, did you know eggplant is delicious!? Mind blown.